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Hey there!
I make music - and I love interesting chord progressions.

"Why be "relevant" when you can be enjoying breaking moulds instead of fitting into existing ones." - Joel Zimmermann 2016

I don't make music that only aims to be likable by a lot of people. I make music that feels right to me, so it might be different from what you'd expect. Simply made for people who like it :)

I am in the process of finding my own style so feel free to tell me the genres of my songs - because I have no idea :D

Anyway, thanks for listening!


Took a while, but here it is.
Take Off is a good-mood track which can instantly create summer feelings in you, making you want to - well - take off! With a strong, punching beat and funky retro elements going hand in hand with a full-blown electronic sound, you decide when it's summer time!
Titans Between Worlds is a variation of songs of all kinds of genres. Featuring relaxed Chillout and Trip-Hop sounds as well as powerful Soundtrack-style pieces and a selection of driving House tracks, you will be taken on a musical journey through a foreign world.
Specifically focusing on extraordinary harmonic progressions and driving beats to support them, the tracks on Rapture EP can lead your imagination to a mysteriously foreign world.
The tracks on this EP deliver unexpected, yet harmonic chord progressions, accompanied with a propellent beat which lets you dive into a world created by your mind and painted by the music. And as always, the songs are not restricted to any genre. Enjoy!
A refreshing different mix of House, Trance and Midtempo, blendend with and often inspired by orchestral elements. Featuring heavy 120BPM - or even slower - Tracks, as well as classic 128BPM House-beats, this kind of music is not limited to a specific genre. Simply made for people who like it, so give it a try!


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