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Hey there!
I make music - and I love interesting chord progressions.

"Why be "relevant" when you can be enjoying breaking moulds instead of fitting into existing ones." - some dude called Joel Zimmermann, 2016

I don't make music that aims to be likable by a lot of people. I make music that feels right to me, so it might be different from what you'd expect.

I am in the process of finding my own style so feel free to tell me the genres of my songs - because I have no idea :D

Also, I know that my mixing and mastering sucks most of the time, so any feedback is more than welcome!!

Anyway, thanks for listening!


Another random house track.
Some random house track.
Took a while, but here it is.
Take Off is a good-mood track which can instantly create summer feelings in you, making you want to - well - take off! With a strong, punching beat and funky retro elements going hand in hand with a full-blown electronic sound, you decide when it's summer time!
Titans Between Worlds is a variation of songs of all kinds of genres. Featuring relaxed Chillout and Trip-Hop sounds as well as powerful Soundtrack-style pieces and a selection of driving House tracks, you will be taken on a musical journey through a foreign world.
Specifically focusing on extraordinary harmonic progressions and driving beats to support them, the tracks on Rapture EP can lead your imagination to a mysteriously foreign world.
The tracks on this EP deliver unexpected, yet harmonic chord progressions, accompanied with a propellent beat which lets you dive into a world created by your mind and painted by the music. And as always, the songs are not restricted to any genre. Enjoy!
A refreshing different mix of House, Trance and Midtempo, blendend with and often inspired by orchestral elements. Featuring heavy 120BPM - or even slower - Tracks, as well as classic 128BPM House-beats, this kind of music is not limited to a specific genre. Simply made for people who like it, so give it a try!